Frog is the leading learning platform for schools in the UK and allows students, teachers and parents to access all school information online.

Frog is different to other learning platforms – Frog is an intuitive, simple and fun product that uses a drag-drop interface which is easy to use and allows exceptional creative control of how the Learning Platform works for their school and what it looks like. The innovative tools that Frog provides inspires schools to get the most out of education by giving them access to forums, resource areas and over 200,000 different applications such as games, wikis and podcasts.

Frog believes that the key to engaging students and teachers is to give them ownership. Empowering students to become more responsible for their own learning can boost their confidence and raise the morale of the whole school community by sharing new skills and resources. With this in mind, Frog has put the power back into the schools’ hands and has given them the tools and support to tailor their Frog Learning Platform into anything they want it to be. Then, the only limit is their imagination!

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