Pirate Week sets sail for another year

Pirate Week is drawing to a close and at Frog/i am learning we’re all pirated out. We’ve sailed the seas, found treasure and (after some attempts at fancy dress on Monday, see the photo below) even had to walk the plank!



The amount of people who logged in and used FrogPlay/i am learning has blown us out of the water once again. Here’s the stats for the week!

Logins 36,442 over Pirate week

3,138.85 hours’ worth of learning time (that’s 130.7 days for you mathematicians out there)

1/3rd of all Pirate bounty was unlocked

57,077 total items (from Pet Parrots, outfits and avatars) were bought

 ‘Arrr! Pirates!’ was played a total of 1,716 times (making it our most played game this year)


If you did anything special for Pirate Week, then we’d love to hear about it. You can comment below with pictures of your Avatar, your high score from the week on ‘Arrr! Pirates!’ or even just what you liked most about Pirate week! We’re already looking forward to next year me harties…

By Simeon Yianni, Marketing Assistant at Frog Education


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