What can you expect from Frog this term?

teacher collecting evidence with Frog Snap in garden

New Website

We’re in the process of designing the new Frog website, this website aims to bring all of our school’s everything they need in one place while being simple to navigate. We’re aiming to get it out to you this half term… watch this space.

Dickens Release

The Dickens release will be coming to you this Autumn term where our focus is on ease of use. Things you can look forward to are custom mark schemes, an event widget and prior year alerts in Progress! You can follow our development team through the process on Twitter.

Events! Events! Events!

At Frog we like to get out of the office and meet you all face to face and a huge part of this is our events.  We have a full range of events this term coming your way, we’ll be attending #learningfirst events, bringing you FrogProgress and FrogLearn Events, and showing our faces at exhibitions. You can see a full list of our upcoming events on our website.


Keeping you up to date with everything Frog is important for us, and making sure you have everything you could possibly need to use Frog effectively is something we’re working on more this term. The blog will be jam packed with videos and articles on all the goings on at Frog, and it will be updated every #FrogFriday. You can follow us on social media to stay up to date.


Training has always been hugely important to us at Frog but soon you will be able to organise your training on the new website. Follow us and all our new developments on Twitter!

By Danika O’Connor, Digital Marketing Manager at Frog Education

About Frog

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