Introducing the New and Improved Frog Forum

The Frog Forums are an invaluable asset to any Frog user and we noted that the old forums were in need of a little TLC. While users still post regularly, the functionality could be improved. So we’ve created a brand spanking new forum for you to discuss, share and exchange thoughts and ideas with other Frog users.

The first thing you should know is your login details are the same as the old forum if you’ve already registered.  If you haven’t registered, then now is your chance!  It’s a tool for Frog users to swap ideas, best practice, lesson examples and share solutions to technical problems with other Frog users. Use it to showcase anything you might be particularly proud of – there are a few good examples already!

A new feature of the technical forums is that they are question-and-answer based. This means that you’ll be able to flag the answers which solve your problems, hopefully helping others in the process.

Graham Quince, Engagement Consultant and Frog Forum Guru comments; “The Frog Forum is an awesome way for Frog users to interact, to solve any issues together and to share tips. I find it’s a really useful tool to get the most out of Frog and network with the #FrogFamily. I encourage everyone to take a look at the forum and let us know what you think.”

You can find the new forum here, bookmark it to find easily later. While the old forum is still active for a short while, it will be shut down in due course. We’ll let all users know when this is happening, why not follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with all things Frog. In the meantime, enjoy the new forum and get posting!

By Simeon Yianni, Marketing Assistant at Frog Education

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