Our Top 10 Features of the Curie Release

With the Curie release being in the final stages of roll out, we thought we’d take the time to let you know about some of the exciting new features in the release…


Drum roll, please…

1) Mark schemes: historically you could only mark percentages, now you can do other marks such as out of 10, the world is your marking oyster.

2) Copy page in site: you can now duplicate pages within a site – one of the most requested features from users. Now you don’t have to redo common styling, layouts, and widgets on new pages individually.

3) We’ve introduced a Shared Folders widget – another massively requested feature which will allow you to view a shared folder on a site – ideal for policy documents and sharing resources across the dept or school.

4) Improvements to the FrogFeedback now allows PowerPoint files to be uploaded, works with Google docs via the new Google Integration, and has two new stickers requested by schools – WWW – ‘What Went Well’ and EBI – ‘Even Better If’.  Both of which enable you to add feedback for detailed comments on students’ work.

5) The Forms widget now has the ability for site administrators to choose whether a form can be submitted once or multiple times and forms can now be used on a site that is shared publicly on the internet – more user requested features.

6) The calendar now starts the day at 8am rather than midnight. A small tweak but one that saves you constantly scrolling to get to the school day, it’s been implemented due to popular demand.

7) FrogProgress Reporting application now gives you the ability to save a report as a PDF. Another request that has been made a reality because teachers wanted it.

8) FrogProgress now has a new bulk reporting option allowing you to quickly generate reports for a group of students, rather than having to do this individually.

9) Finally, our crème-de-la-crème; Google Integration into Assignments which fully integrates the setting and marking of Google docs into homework and assignments. This is a major part of the Curie release, please ask us if you would like more details or click here to watch the video

10) Something we have also done differently this time is share the release notes in different ways, we’ve focused the FrogBlog on it heavily, and created videos explaining the release for the first time. If you want to know more about Google Integration and how it works in Frog, we’ve made a video for you and the full release notes here. There are constant updates, forum discussions and tutorials on everything Frog on the Frog Community site.

We’re already looking ahead to the Dickens release which will be with you towards the end of this term, and starting to think about next year. If you have some ideas, login to the Ideas Portal to have your say on what should be in upcoming releases!

By Simeon Yianni, Marketing Assistant at Frog Education

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