Frog Integrates with Google

The new Curie release has a range of innovative features (not to blow our own trumpet) but the one which has been highly anticipated is Google integration.

With the latest update you can integrate Google documents directly into homework and assignments. This will allow teachers to copy Google documents to all students or collaborate on a single document, or “hand in” Google docs which teachers can view in Frog, making the whole process that little more seamless.

We work hard to make Frog the most user-friendly education software on the market, and intelligent integration is a huge part of that. Steve Holt, Deputy Managing Director says, ‘Wrapping the Google technology with our years of educational experience gives the experience depth and context. We are delighted with the latest release, this is a significant step forward and a great partnership that we know our schools will love using’.

This new feature integrates into our standard workflow, which means you can add rich feedback as with other Frog activities. It allows you to manage Google docs within our Assignment Manager, you can click on a document to preview it and with another click be editing it.

If you want to know a little more, we’ve put together a video guide with Graham Thorpe, one of our Product Managers to talk you through this exciting integration.


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