In light of the GCSE results, are students reaching their potential?

The way that teachers traditionally measure their performance has been by comparison between teachers, departments, and schools based on how many children achieved 5 or more A* to C grades. However, the introduction on Progress 8 will turn this on its head.

Progress 8 is simply a point system based on value added.  It asks what value a school has given to a child’s education and compares the data from their predicted GCSE grade based on their achievements at Key Stage 2 and what they actually achieved at GCSE.


Since this was proposed it has been optional for schools to take part in the Progress 8 measurement, but from this new academic year it will be mandatory for all schools.

For Frog, it’s imperative to help our schools track progress throughout to be aware of where students are failing and succeeding on a granular scale.  It’s imperative that teachers know where the gaps are in students’ knowledge so that it can be addressed. A negative Progress 8 school will not only highlight poor performance publically, but schools falling below the floor standard will automatically trigger an Ofsted inspection.

If you want to know more about FrogProgress click here, if you want to understand how Progress 8 and Attainment 8 work click here.

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