What’s New in the Curie Update (part 2)

As promised, here’s the second instalment of the Curie Release videos. In this action packed segment, we have Graham Quince, our Engagement Consultant and Lucy Evans, Frog’s Chief Customer Officer discussing the updated features of Curie and the Frog Community site.

Graham discusses how your school can make better use of Frog’s features such as the Planner. He goes on to explain how to improve parental engagement, and even how students can choose their GCSE options using Frog. Graham continues to discuss how tutorials and guides have been made available to assist users on the community site.

Lucy talks about the Trump Cards that schools may remember from previous years and how they have been updated, and made available for schools digitally on the community site. The Trump Cards share hundreds of different ways you can use Frog.

As part of the Frog Product Roadshow which was on tour in Gosforth and Halifax in July, we’ve made some short videos for those who couldn’t make it. We’ll be publishing them on the blog throughout the summer break.  Don’t forget to take a look at the first Curie Update video from Ed Clemenston here!

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