What’s New in the Curie Update (part 1)

The first part of the Curie release tutorial video is now online. We have Edd Clemenston, one of our Implementation Consultants discussing the features in the update.   

Edd talks through a few of the new and useful features that Curie delivers, ranging from the calendar, forms, shared folders, and dashboard. The video covers how to give more meaningful and in depth feedback to students’ assignments and how the new feedback stickers are used. Edd also goes on to talk about the new widgets that are available in the Frog platform such as Blank Space and how to link text in the Text widget to files from your Frog Drive. Useful stuff!

To round off this video tutorial Edd shows you some shortcuts that we’ve added into the update to save you time. View the shortcuts on the Frog Community.

The Curie release has dropped and you should have it on your school system now (if not… check with your IT Technician as to why). We’ve had positive feedback about it so far and we’re already on with our next update Dickens, coming your way later this year.

This video is part of the Frog Product Roadshow that was on tour in Gosforth and Halifax in July. We’ve got some more videos from the day available for those who couldn’t make it. We’ll be publishing them on our blog so look out for them over the coming weeks!

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