Are you ready for September?


If the end of July is a glorious rush for freedom, sunshine and beer gardens, the beginning of September has traditionally been associated with a jarring return to the reality of school life. While it’s not true that teachers and schools shut down entirely over the summer break, much of the housekeeping for the new year will end up taking place in September as bigger technical jobs are prioritised in the summer.

Your list of jobs at the beginning of a school year will look very different depending on whether you are a technical member of staff or whether you are a teacher.

A guide for the Tech Teams

For the techies, the main job you will need to do is to make sure that all your new users and groups are on Frog, and that any existing users and groups have been correctly updated. If your school uses our Extractor then you’re in luck! This process should be as straightforward as waiting for the staff and students start date to arrive in your MIS, and then checking to make sure they have been correctly imported. If your school uses a manual update method then a little more elbow grease is required, and our End of Year site contains a complete guide to what you need to do in both situations.

A guide for FrogLearn Teachers

For teachers, the most important thing you will need to do in September depends on which of our products your school has:

If you’re a FrogLearn school, your main job is to make sure that your sites are ready for your new students and that any assignments from the previous year are tidy. Remember that you might have new students to entice into the wonderful world of Frog this year, and a scruffy platform can be a major obstacle! Can you share out any sites now so that when your students log in for the first time this year, they see the correct year or subject sites? Can you preemptively add some resources or content for your first topic to ignite their interest? Do you have old assignments to clear out or can you add some new assignments for the weeks ahead?

A guide for FrogPlay Teachers

If you’re a FrogPlay school, assignments are your priority. Make sure you’ve closed off any old assignments so you can start the year with a nice, fresh Assignment Manager. You might want to review the quizzes you used last year. Do you still need any you have made? Do any need an update for curriculum changes? Can you assign any quizzes out now and save yourself some time later? Remember that our quizzes are self-marking so you don’t need to log in to mark them, just to check the marks! If you are a FrogPlay standalone school you can now set an assignment to be set again in a few days or weeks, so if you want to test your student’s knowledge right at the start of term, then again in a few weeks’ time, this is possible using our assignment system. This functionality will be available for FrogPlay embed schools in future releases.

A guide for FrogProgress Teachers

If you’re a FrogProgress school, then your tasks are split between your staff members depending on their responsibilities. We recommend that schools review their curriculum every year to find out what worked, what didn’t work, and to make sure that the curriculum is a constantly evolving and relevant beast. If you are responsible for the curriculum in your school, use our new report “Export Curriculum Data by Subject” to make reviewing your existing curriculum super easy. Class teachers will need to set up their new trackers for the new academic year, and more detail on what to expect around year rollover in FrogProgress can be found on our End of Year site.

September can be a really exciting time, and being prepared in Frog will definitely save you time and energy in the brand new term!

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