Frog conference Birmingham: Summary

The Frog Birmingham conference was on Tuesday and people from across the country attended a beautifully sunny day at the IET Birmingham Austin Court. The day was jam packed full of Keynote speakers (Tim Oates and Hugh Greenway), interactive sessions, workshops and 121’s.

The day wasn’t like one of our usual conferences. We opted for the #FrogSchoolTour this year as part of #Frog16 with a number of small, more personal conferences across the country. These appointments worked really well and meant that we had more time with our schools, looking at their specific issues and putting definite plans together for a stronger partnership with Frog. The penultimate leg of the tour was Birmingham on Tuesday and the last leg sees us in London on Thursday 23 June.


Gareth welcomed everyone to the venue and passed straight over to Tim Oates who gave a brilliant presentation elaborating on ‘The future of assessment’ and how now every child should be judged in the same way. This led on to an energetic Hugh Greenway discussing ‘The need for change’, telling us how minor changes in schools can lead to major improvements.

After a brief break, we headed into the interactive sessions where all attendees were split into groups to discuss and share how they, their schools, pupils and parents used Frog. It was a superb session in which a lot of information, networking and feedback was given to each other and to Frog. We’re already planning on following up the feedback we gained from you and implementing the first stages of visiting those who need us. It’s always fantastic to see the different ways schools use Frog and to hear the real world examples of how Frog saves you time and enhances teaching and learning


After a dinner break (compliments to the catering company…) it was Workshop speaker time, thank you…

Andy Tunstall (Yorkswood Primary School)
Simon Smith (East Whitby Primary School)
Keith Phipps (King Edward VI Foundation)
David Hillyard (Cheltenham Bournside School)
Richard Machin (Finham Primary School)
Nick Hitchen (The Falcon School for Girls)
Katherine Day (Castleton Primary School)
Lucie Pond (Hungerhill School)
Stacey Parker-Browne (Hungerhill School)
Chris Smith (Frog)
Graham Quince (Frog)
Kris Harrison (Frog)

…for all giving excellent workshops on a variety of topics. We filmed each session so you can expect to see them on our Vimeo and Youtube accounts very soon (don’t worry, we’ll be emailing all attendees and Frog customers to let them know when it’s up). It’s also a great chance for you to share the day with friends and colleagues who may not have been able to attend!

We’re going to be in London on Thursday 23 June at The Grand Connaught Rooms with our final roadshow event of the year so come along and see us.  You can still book here, it’s completely free and we’ve got a lot to talk to you about.

Hope to see you there and check back to the blog for a breakdown of the Workshops soon…

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