We’re excited to be involved with the #LearningFirst Launch conference on Saturday 21 May in Sheffield. This is a fantastic event to develop and share ideas on the future of assessment.

Demand has been phenomenal for the event. The first 200 ‘golden tickets’ were claimed in 39 minutes!

It started with a tweet

It all started with a tweet from Dame Alison Peacock on her thoughts around assessment. With such a huge response from like minded professionals calling for events to share ideas, the conference was born. So on Saturday 21 May a community of professionals will come together to ‘share strategies for high quality teaching that refuses to be dominated by ticking boxes, gridding or cramming!’

Excited to be part of something awesome

The removal of National Curriculum levels is the most significant development in educational assessment in years. It presents an opportunity for the teaching profession to put assessment back where it belongs – at the heart of high quality teaching and learning.

However, this won’t just happen. We have to seize the opportunity and make it happen. The temptation to replicate levels either through habit or lack of confidence is real.

That’s why we’ve developed products that focus on teaching and learning, helping teachers to identify pupil’s progress and the next steps in learning. Our focus is on supporting schools to articulate and deliver their curriculum underpinned by an assessment framework that recognises progress and attainment.

We’re excited to be part of a movement that understands the shortcomings of levels and other spurious forms of data. That’s why we are supporting the teaching profession in re-claiming assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning process.

What’s next?

We’ll be at the Learning First conference on 21 May which will be live streamed. You can follow updates on http://beyondlevels.website/ and twitter under #learningfirst.

We’re also hosting two Frog conferences this year Birmingham on 7 June and in London on 23 June. We’re focused on helping schools to deliver more with less. Schools will hear from the thought leaders in assessment and senior leaders in schools that have delivered transformational change in the classroom. It is a free event and one you can’t afford to miss! Book you place here.





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