Guest Blog: Frog School Tour by Michael Wilkinson

The annual conference is a real highlight at Frog. I remember the Conference from my days gone by at I am learning, the first which I attended was at the Palace Hotel in Manchester where I tried pasta for the first time (at 27 years old!) courtesy of the amazing Italian chef the Frog team had booked. Some of you will remember even further back than I do, and will have no doubt watched/endured the legendary Frog band’s performances. Frog were the first in the industry to bring our school users together in this way and year after year have adapted and grown the conferences in line with your feedback.

As we always do, we’ve spent a lot of time talking to our schools over the last few months and we understand that as budgets get tighter and your time is even more limited. We understand the need for us to once again adapt and do something differently. That’s why instead of hosting one central conference, we’re bringing our Frog experts to you.

We’ve chosen 9 locations across England based on our school hotspots:

2 of these will be bigger events, one in London and one in Birmingham. These are not quite the conference as you have known it over the past few years, (given the other events and the regional nature), but more like the conference back at the Palace Hotel; intimate enough to spend some real quality time together, but big enough to bring lots of schools from across the region together, attract some top class speakers and feel that Frog buzz!

7 of these are no bells, no whistles…just schools, experts, solutions and shared experiences.  You can book a one to one appointment with us or simply drop in for a chat over lunch. We are there for you and will tailor the time to your needs, answer your questions, give you top tips, and offer hands-on training. The agenda of each event will be tailored, based upon schools needs in each area, but the basic idea looks like this:

  • 9.30 – 14.00 booked one to one appointments
  • 12.30 – 13.15 free lunch with our experts

If you’d like to pop in and join us for a bite and chat, please drop us an email. We just need to know your name, school name and the event you’re attending.

If you’d like to book a dedicated one to one appointment just click on your chosen event and time slot on this page.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on your own turf!

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