FrogPlay update is a real game changer

We’re really excited to announce the new I am learning and FrogPlay release.

We think it’s a real game changer (pardon the pun). It’s the start of great things for Frog Play and I am learning so keep your eyes peeled for future updates.

The release is to provide extra tools as you enter the upcoming revision period. You can view the full release notes here, but we’ve picked our top three updates to share with you now.

Curriculum Linked Videos
We’ve introduced videos for Maths and English exercises from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4. These short videos explain the main elements and are perfect for

  • Revision
  • Independent learning
  • Homework
  • Flipped learning

You can view an example of these videos here

The videos are only available in FrogPlay and Play customers will get them automatically. If you’re an I am learning school and want to know more about converting to FrogPlay just hit reply.

Mastery Tool / Auto re-set assignments
Our new ‘multi-setting’ tools for assignments are perfect to check students are retaining knowledge. They’re designed to support mastery and check long term retention. Assignments can be automatically re-set in a week, three weeks, three months etc.

Create your own exam papers
You can cherry pick questions from any exercise to build your own exam papers. We’ve removed the 20 question limit so you can choose how many questions there are in any exercise.

FrogPlay and I am learning have helped millions of students to improve their results year on year. We’re really proud of the new release and we hope you love it too.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, training needs or want to discuss I am learning and FrogPlay, please get in touch.


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