Why FrogProgress is the future of assessment

It’s a bold statement but FrogProgress is the future. It’s been been developed over the last two years with our schools, the National Association of Head Teachers and other leading experts such as Mick Walker.

Together we have designed a product that allows teachers to see exactly how every child is progressing, their strengths and weaknesses. What’s more they can measure every child’s performance against an agreed standard which defines what good looks like for each area of work. This delivers a consistent and clear assessment system. A recent Ofsted inspection praised the system too.

Other progress tracking systems are just that – tracking.

FrogProgress is about putting meaningful assessment back at the heart of teaching and learning; tracking data is available, obviously, but that isn’t the reason FrogProgress is so important.

Below shows the educational principles behind FrogProgress:


Progress slide 1

Based on these principles, FrogProgress gives a clear picture of expected progress. Teachers get a snapshot of how a child is doing relative to where they should be at a particular point.

Teachers, periodically, make a very simple judgment against each learning objective – do we need to do something here for this child, or not. Eg.

  1. Not taught
  2. Not where you should be
  3. Where you should be

Every child should be at “where you should be.” No maths needed. No complicated rules. Just a list of learning objectives and a flag that says whether there’s an issue or not. It couldn’t be any easier.

In this new model we are showing progress through the real detail of what each child needs to learn, not through the granular metrics we use to measure.

The important thing to recognise in this model is that the detail comes from the number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) being assessed rather than from the measurement system itself. This means it’s very simple to assess each KPI.

Now that we are asking a teacher to make more judgments, then the simpler we make this judgment the better.

The benefits of FrogProgress are genuinely far reaching and potentially profound.

This system and supporting educational principles improves outcomes by providing all stakeholders with total transparency in sufficient detail to make an impact on teaching and learning.  It directly improves the quality of teaching as it gives teachers a clear framework for standardisation and moderation processes

A more comprehensive list of the benefits are below:

Progress slide 2

Our model is different and we know it’s not for everyone. But this has been developed over the last two years with our schools, the National Association of Head Teachers and other leading experts such as Mick Walker. We firmly believe this is the future of assessment – it gives children, teachers and parents a rich, rounded description of every child’s achievement and underpins teaching and learning.

If you are still wondering what to do about assessment www.lifeafterlevels.com has a lot of useful resources. If you would prefer to chat to us please give us a call on  01422 250800.

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