The new primary school times tables tests

Learning your times tables has always been a crucial part of primary education but it’s even more important now. The Government announced that every pupil in England will sit a statutory, screen-based times tables test by the age of 11.

We’ve got it covered here at Frog Towers. We’ve written all the content you need to teach pupils their times tables and it’s now live in FrogPlay and I am Learning. Just search for ‘times tables.’

What we know about the new tests

As part of the end of key stage 2 tests, an on-screen check will be used to test all tables up to 12×12. The test will be piloted by 3,000 pupils in 80 schools this summer. The plan is for all English primary schools to use the test in 2017. Nicky Morgan said schools will be held accountable for the results of the tests.

Times tables content in I am Learning / FrogPlay

Since we heard this news we’ve written and updated some awesome content in our products and it’s live now. If you search for ‘times tables’ in I am Learning or FrogPlay you will see over 50 activities to help your pupils learn, use and apply their tables. Pupils will be able to:

  • practice multiplication and division facts for each individual table
  • practice multiplication and division facts for groups of tables
  • apply multiplication and division facts to solve puzzles and problems

These have been assigned to specific year groups as set out in the National Curriculum 2014:

Year 2 pupils are expected to recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables, including recognising odd and even numbers

Year 3 pupils are expected to recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables

Year 4 pupils are expected to recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 × 12 (You will find separate activities on the 6,7 and 9 times tables and the 11 and 12 times tables within year 4)

What about Year 5 and 6?

As you will know, year 5 and 6 pupils are expected to consolidate, use and apply all of the tables so you won’t find any specific times tables allocated to them. There are a number of activities that will come up in a times tables search for years 5 and 6. These are flagged as relevant activities as they draw heavily on tables knowledge relevant to these age groups.

Also, any pupil can access activities allocated to lower or higher years as they (or you) choose. For example, if you had a year 6 pupil who needed to consolidate their 7 and 8 times tables they would be able to access the relevant activities from years 3 and 4.

How FrogPlay and I am Learning helps pupils with their tables

Immediate feedback: Pupils don’t need to wait to find out whether or not they’ve got the right answer. The feedback loop is closed immediately, giving pupils a chance to identify what they need to learn and celebrate what they know.

It’s engaging and fun: completing tables activities within the context of a game of will help alleviate some of the anxiety pupils have with maths. It adds a healthy dose of enjoyment too which creates a better mindset for learning.

Encourages independent learning: pupils can access this content in their own time and be encouraged to identify where they need more practise and where they need to push themselves.

Tracking progress: the reports help you track pupils as they complete and re-visit activities. You can see the exact questions a child gets right and wrong so you know where to intervene.

On screen: It’s helpful to get pupils used to working online as the tests will be delivered this way.

We’re very excited about this new content and would love to hear what you think. We’ll keep an eye on all announcements and update our content as necessary but if you have any suggestions drop us a line at

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