Guest Blog – Pupil Engagement Survey

By Roger Broadie, NAACE

How engaged are your pupils?

Naace, MirandaNet and Frog have joined together to give schools a quick and easy way to measure how engaged their pupils are. If you are coming to the BETT Show find your way to the Naace stand, D455, where the Pupil Engagement Survey is being demonstrated.

The survey asks pupils just nine very simple questions. The questions are directly linked to aspects of their school activity. Research tells us these aspects are the most important for learning and driving engagement – as demonstrated by the submissions schools have made to the Naace Third Millennium.

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Is your school like the green school, with most pupils very highly engaged and the rest pretty well engaged? Or is your school more like the blue school, with most pupils highly engaged but some pupils who have yet to realise the excitement possible through challenging learning? If you have some pupils who have low engagement, what are you doing to help increase engagement?

If you can’t make it to BETT but would like to take part in the Pupil Engagement Survey, all you need to do is to enter your school details here. Enter a class name to get a class code. The survey takes 5 minutes and can be done at the start or end of a lesson, as long as all students have access to the internet. You will be able to see the results instantly.

It is just about impossible to get solid research on the impact of using technology. This is because it is not possible to separate the impact of the technology from all the other techniques teachers use to generate outstanding learning. But you can now quickly get a measure of your pupils’ engagement and demonstrate the ways you use all the technology in your school contribute to this hopefully higher than average engagement.

Higher engagement means more time spent learning. It is time to celebrate this. What is your school’s Pupil Engagement Score? The average score out of ten, across the schools using the survey in the pilot phase, was 7.3. Can you beat that?

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