“FrogLearn enables us to be truly cross platform” – CASE STUDY

The British School in Paris, right in the heart of France’s Capital city, has 788 children, comprising fifty nationalities between them. The school is a strong advocate of technology, with every child from nursery right through to Year 13 having their own iPad.

The school’s focus on technology definitely shows with their implantation of Frog: Every student, every teacher, every parent and every governor has access to Frog.

Deputy Head, Keith Pearey, explains some of the reasons that the school chose Frog:

“Like every school we were looking for a VLE that would give children access to learning resources both at school and at home. More than that, we wanted to motivate our children to be part of the learning experience we offer here. That is what Frog has done. It has given us a platform to deliver a very wide range of resources in a very exciting way.”

The school is in the process of transitioning between Frog 3 and FrogLearn. Although all their existing resources were migrated to the new platform, there was some initial resistance, particularly from the teaching staff:

“People tend to resist change and so it has been hard to get staff to embrace what is effectively a new product. But FrogLearn is much simpler, and it’s incredibly easy to use. So our staff are already spending less time setting up resources.”

The transition to FrogLearn has also provided the school with the ideal opportunity to introduce a house style to its resources:

“With Frog 3, we were happy to let staff use the platform in whatever way they wanted to. But we want to develop a consistent platform so that a Year 1 child and a Year 3 child will recognise the same elements, with resources presented in a familiar way. So introducing a house style to resources is another reason why some staff haven’t fully embraced the change.”

Although there is still much to be done, the school is very proud of the way it uses Frog, and of the adaptation to the new platform:

“You have to be brave when you introduce a new resource.  I wouldn’t say that the change has been effortless, but it has been exciting and gets easier all the time. The children have embraced the technology and the children love that and the way it looks.”

The British School in Paris has been courted by a number of potential technology partners, not least by Apple.

“They would love us to be an Apple school. But I can’t imagine anything more interactive than Frog, and I love that FrogFLearn enables us to be truly cross platform.”


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