Don’t miss #FrogFriday!

January 22 is #FrogFriday at Bett. We have three sessions from two of our awesome education advisers, Alistair Smith and Mick Walker. In a time of big change in education, these talks will guide you and give you tips to help you with the new curriculum, assessment changes and new technologies.

Change Management: A Step by Step Guide
Friday 22nd January
Learn Live Primary theatre
2.15 pm

Alistair Smith kicks off #FrogFriday with a session on Change Management. Having new tech in your school can be exciting and Alistair will show you how to get the best results and avoid mistakes.
In his presentation, Alistair will share his seven step approach to managing change. He has experience of working with hundreds of schools, so we trust him! He’s even been working with some of our Frog schools and will be sharing their insights with you.
If you’ve been looking at using tech in your school, then this talk is for you. After all, “Technology does not drive change, it enables change. It’s the people who are the drivers,” – Alistair Smith

Life After Levels
School Leaders Summit
Friday 22nd January

Everything has changed in education and it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re unsure where to go next, then take a deep breath and let Assessment Guru Mick Walker be your guide to all things life after levels.

Mick is full of knowledge, experience and Northern charm. He has ten steps to consider before you dive right in. In his presentation he will give you vital tips on reviewing your current assessment procedures, planning and designing your new framework and developing your curriculum so every child is learning exactly what they should be.

There’s a lot to consider before you make your curriculum public, which is an Ofsted requirement. The main thing to do is not rush. Deciding what’s right for your school can take time but Mick will be on hand to give you all the information you need to take on life after levels head first.

We know Bett is pretty manic but these talks are a must if you’re looking for practical advice to take straight back to school.

World Class Education: Benchmarking Against the Best
Friday 22nd January
Learn Live Secondary theatre
3.45 pm

Do you want to know how leaders in their fields achieve greatness again and again? Do you want to find out how that same greatness can be achieved in your school?

Alistair Smith wants to help schools become world class. Using examples from the best of the best across a variety of industries, Alistair will offer tips and tricks on how to get your school there. You’ll find out about learning principles and how technology can help create world class education, including some examples of our award winning products.

Plus, you will leave Bett knowing which App Sky Cycling use to boost morale and the one thing that helps Mercedes put their drivers on the podium. Alistair might even sing for you, so it’s definitely worth sticking around for!

Alistair and Mick will both be around at stand D140 on #FrogFriday to answer any questions you have on change management, assessment, new technologies in schools or education in general.

See you at Bett!

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