Setting a good example

Commercial Director Kate Lewis gives us her view on Frog’s partnership with the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT).

Over the past year, we have been working in partnership with the NAHT. To create a good partnership, it helps if you have some things in common, a mission to get behind and a shared idea of how to get there. It also helps if there are complementary skill sets and a wide range of expertise to help you reach your goal quickly and more effectively. We approached the NAHT shortly after their Commission on Assessment was published, as it was really clear that we shared the same opinions on how best to address the removal of levels.

Our mission is to create cool technology for schools so teachers can teach every child as if they were the only one in class. In order to do this, we set about creating tools that allow teachers, parents and of course students themselves, in as real-time as possible, know exactly where they are at, where they need to be and how they might best get there. This is about personalising the learning experience for every student, by supporting teachers to make use of resources and methods that could work best for each individual learner. The granular KPI method of assessment that the commission recommended, meant that for the first time we are able to collate and analyse meaningful data and use that to provide better tools and information for schools.

Working with the NAHT to help teachers address life after levels has been a good co-operation. And it is through working together that we are close to achieving our original mission. That mission is to provide schools and NAHT members with:

  • expert advice to navigate life after levels
  • a free, easy to use tool to manage their curriculum and assessment framework
  • the gift of exemplification material to help evidence ‘what good looks like’.

Kathy James, deputy general secretary of NAHT, who led the process, says: “NAHT was aware that, when levels were removed, schools needed some way to demonstrate progress and move forward, so we founded the Commission on Assessment, and from that moved into exemplification material, which we help feel will help schools and give them a basis on which they can build their whole assessment practice across the schools – and hopefully lessen their workload”.

In a few weeks’ time, NAHT members will all be given access to the exemplification material via Frog’s free Curriculum Manager tool. This means that rather than searching endlessly through documents, teachers will be able to navigate seamlessly through Key Stages and KPIs in order to reference the exemplar resource they require. As Nick Ridley, NAHT’s interim head of commercial services, commented to Susan Young in this month’s Leadership Focus “The KPIs and exemplifications are good hooks and anchors to help you find your way. You are not on own: everybody is trying to figure a way through this, which is why we stepped up to the plate”.  

And our mission won’t just stop there. We will continue to help and support schools as they steer their way through this new world. From lessons learnt to experts’ advice, be sure to visit the life after levels website to get the most up to date news and information from our in partnership with the NAHT.

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