Push technology in education – a Frog developers perspective

This post has been written by Chris Smith. Chris is a Frog Developer who is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what technology can do to help schools.

“On Wednesday 26 August I’ll be at Leeds JS speaking about Push technology. This may sound a little alien and techy, but you have probably already encountered Push technology yourself!

Push is the ability for a web service to engage with a user or device with very little human intervention; it’s a brilliant tool to help ‘re-engage’ the user.

You may remember a time when you had to login to check whether you had been sent an email, or if someone had commented on a social media post. Now, our ‘smart’ devices notify us in real-time when something has happened that may interest us, or require our attention.

For the last few years, this functionality has been mainly exclusive to the mobile devices markets, relying on platform specific languages and services. It has allowed native mobile applications to out-grow web applications, leaving companies wondering where to invest their development and financial resources.

What’s super exciting for coding geeks like me is the recent developments in browser standards that are now giving us some of these ‘native only’ features.

Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and Game Pad API’s are just some of the myriad of features coming our way, but for me, Push is the most exciting and interesting. It’s a potential game changer for the web industry and the open web platform.

So why is it so important?

We need to help our users connect in a meaningful way to our services, at a time when the information is most relevant to them. When we think about our teachers in their daily lives, we are just one of the many applications and web sites they must log into. So imagine that rather than checking at hourly intervals for coursework submissions from students; Frog can just alert them! Imagine that as a parent, I don’t need to know when my child’s coursework is due to be marked, because Frog tells me when the marks are released without me needing to login and check.

This is not an issue unique to teachers or parents. It’s across our entire user base from administrators to students.

Push is not something you can just turn on, it’s important that we get it right. Reengaging a user, when there is so much noise from other products in their lives, is very difficult. It’s too easy to become an annoyance, rather than a joy.

If you’re a Frog parent, student or teacher; why not tell us what you think in the comments section below, or contact your School Relationship Manager. We’re passionate about making Frog a great experience for you.

If you’re interested in hearing more about why Push is important, what it can do and how it works; come along and see me at Leeds JS on the 26th. The doors open at 18:45.

Leeds JS
Wednesday 26 August.

The doors open at 18:45.


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One Response to Push technology in education – a Frog developers perspective

  1. Wayne Middleton says:

    Great article Chris! I’ve been fighting the cause for ‘Push’ Technology for years, and spelling out its importance as you have done most clearly here. Thanks!


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