Frog 15 – a day to remember

If you’ve been with us for some, or even all of the last 15 years you would have been excused if after five minutes of the conference opening you were wondering where you were – no big tech announcements, lots of talk about assessment, more senior leaders than ever before and even Gareth wearing a shirt and tie (yes, we were as shocked as you).

You'll probably never see this again so we thought it best to get a photo

You’ll probably never see this again so we got a photo as proof!

This year’s Frog conference was supporting ‘Life After Levels’, a joint venture by Frog and the NAHT to help schools be ready after the removal of attainment levels and changes to the curriculum.

Of course, there was still plenty of Frog buzz throughout the day with Super Widget putting smiles on everyone’s face with his moves, and a limited edition Frog Rubik’s Cube that had everyone trying to be fastest fingers to crack the cube.

Even Super Widget was having a go at the Rubik's Cube

Even Super Widget was having a go at the Rubik’s Cube

The day kicked off with Gareth giving a rallying cry to schools about the opportunities life after levels presents us. He was followed by Mick Walker, an Ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Assessors and who was involved in the commission on assessment done by the NAHT for the DFE. In his session Mick gave a masterclass in assessment including what schools need to have done by September 2015.

We then moved into the first workshops of the day. The student digital leaders’ workshop generated a lot of buzz, not just in the workshop but on social media too – turns out children do know best! The FrogSnap session was also packed to the rafters with everyone keen to pick up new tips and tricks on our most talked about app.

Lunch was a taste explosion from around the world with our tongue tickling street food, followed by lip-smacking donuts and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – which quickly vanished like a magic trick!

The afternoon kicked off with workshops that gave everyone the opportunity to ask our product and assessment experts their questions. There was also the chance to get a first glimpse of the National Theatre’s new streaming service coming to schools for free in September 2015.

Closing the conference was renowned speaker Alistair Smith. With his charm and infectious character Alistair showed us how by focusing on more than just what’s going on in a child’s head, we can assess students using head, heart, heroics and health.

Our 15th birthday grand finale was wrapped up by 15 year old Megan from The Arden Academy. She gave a monologue (which she wrote) of where she wants to be in 15 years and the role technology will play in helping her get there. With a standing ovation for her brilliance we couldn’t have brought a more fitting end to an inspiring and insightful day.

Videos of all the workshops, including the slides, will be available on our website very soon, but for now check out the highlights in our roundup video.

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