Be part of life after levels

The success of our life after level seminars with NAHT Edge has got us thinking. How do we make sure every Head Teacher knows about the NAHT framework and FrogProgress?

We thought the best way to find us is to ask Head Teachers themselves. So we’re holding a creative session at Frog Towers on Wednesday 24 June. It’ll all start with a top notch lunch from the design house, a walk through of FrogProgress and then a couple of creative hours to generate ideas. The aim of the day is to listen to Head Teachers and define a clear message to be communicated through the right channels so more schools are aware of the options available.

We hope those that take part will stay with us on our progress journey, informing product development and future communications. We strongly believe that the NAHT’s framework is the only one that truly focuses on the child so we want to work with you to get this right.

Parents would also benefit from knowing about the options available to help them progress their child and we are inviting five to join this creative session. We don’t want to be hosting a parent’s evening so we will make sure we only one representative from each school.

So if you’re a Head Teacher, Deputy Head of the person in charge of assessment, particularly in a primary school, please email for more information.

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