NAHT Newcastle Seminar – Round Up

Scores of teachers packed into the magnificent Lumley Castle in Newcastle for the first of our 6 ‘Life after Levels’ seminars in partnership with the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT).

Tables were gracefully dressed, delicious desserts were served and a host of inspirational speakers were ready to go.

NAHT Edge’s CEO Louis Coiffait kicked off the event, outlining the big changes taking place in education and assessments.

Mick Walker shared his insight, tips and advice on addressing the removal of levels. He discussed the changes, new accountability measures, the new curriculum and most importantly practical steps to help schools choose a new assessment system.

Take a look at Mick Walker’s slides from the seminar.

We revealed our awesome tool FrogProgress that’s aligned to the NAHT’s assessment framework: and wait for it…Curriculum Manager. This is the first piece of FrogProgress, which is FREE to all attendees. It’s been specifically created to meet the Department for Education’s requirements to allow you to build your own school curriculum based on the new National Curriculum.

Watch the short video below too see what you can expect from the remaining 5 seminars – sign up here to get the expert answer to life after levels, next stop is Bromley.

life after levels

Here’s some feedback from teachers that attended – this is why we put together these seminars.

quote 1    quote 2 quote 3

Don’t forget to sign up if you already haven’t.

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