Cool technology for parents

It’s proved that when parents are involved in a child’s education from an early age, it has a significant effect on their educational achievement.

Family learning benefits everyone, it helps improve reading, writing and numeracy.

Here at Frog Towers we’ve developed a really cool tool that makes it easy for parents to be involved with their child’s school day.

The new FrogTimelines is a free app for parents of FrogLearn customers and is available in the App store and Google Play as part of the Nightingale release.

FrogTimelines is a Facebook style feed for parents that shows everything their child publishes and comments on within FrogLearn. It gives:

  • children an authentic audience for their work so the quality naturally increases
  • parents a real time update on their child’s activity in school straight from their device
  • parents the opportunity comment on their child’s work, just like Facebook
  • parents an insight into their child’s interests as they can see what they’re liking and commenting on

                                                                            Nightingale Release Guide final7a_p9

We’ll have more juicy info for you next week – see you then.

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