Teacher post – Elizabeth Rogers : St Giles School

We caught up with the lovely Elizabeth Rogers from St Giles School, who’s done a fantastic blog post for us. Massive thank you for taking the time out to write this for us. We love it!

Right so here goes my first ever blog . . . Last June, mid-way through a half term I was approached and asked to take over the role of ICT coordinator in a reasonably large SEN Primary School.  Foolishly I said yes, only to be greeted with cries of “Rather you than me!”

At the time we were in the process of rolling out Frog3 across school; its implantation had somewhat lost momentum following a period of staff illness and to be honest I knew next to nothing about it apart from it was yet another unnecessary pressure on my already precious time!

Anyway my first job in my new role was to attend the Frog conference in Birmingham, holding my breath and with a certain sense of trepidation I set off for my day at the conference.  Looking back now I’m not sure what I was worried about, I was greeting by a team of enthusiastic, helpful and understanding staff who really appreciate the pressures on our time as teachers, I left the conference determined to push through a move to FrogLearn and filled with the enthusiasm I’d need for this task. We hadn’t really made any progress rolling out Frog3 with only one pilot class using it so this seemed the perfect time to make the move before everyone got settled with the old system.

So to bring us up-to-date I made a series of determined phone calls and sent some equally determined e-mails to get to where we are today. I organised the creation of our school site and some training for myself.  I spent some time ‘playing’ with the things I can do and finally my class page is complete on FrogLearn and I’m hoping to have pupils and parents accessing it from home before half term. I delivered some training to teachers and teaching assistants before Christmas.

So the plan going forward. . . I want everyone to have home access before the end of the academic year and expect next academic year to be the time we really fly with it as everybody becomes increasing familiar and confident with the capabilities of FrogLearn.  The big challenge for us as a school is to find ways to use Frog to meet everybody’s needs, we have a massively varied ability base within our school from children who will need parental help to access the VLE to those who can do so independently . . . one thing I am very keen on is to use the platform to create a school community for parents and other stakeholders so I’m always open to ideas about that.

Anyway for now it’s very much a case of watch this space. . . I’ll try to keep you posted when I can!

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