#Bett2015 Day Two (round-up)

Our day two round-up starts the night before at the BETT awards.

The evening turned out to be a fantastic celebration as we won ICT Company of the Year. This is one of the most prestigious prizes of the evening, and one that we have now won twice in three years!

We’re all very proud to have been recognised again for our hard work, but the award really is a tribute to the amazing work done by our schools everyday. Without their awesomeness we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Learn Live Session

In one of the mornings Learn Live Secondary sessions we had our very own Alistair Smith, and Frog school Head Teacher Billy Downie talking about progress with personality.

We’re not going to give too much away now as the full session will be available to watch on this blog in a couple of days. Let’s just say for now that there was more than a few crumbs of insight in this session, in fact there were two whole cakes of it (that should be enough to whet your appetite).

Assessment beyond levels

One of the most popular sessions of the day was Katherine Bailey’s. She pulled a huge crowd talking about assessment beyond levels. Here are a few of the highlights.

1. The transition into level-free assessment had left many educators considering how they actually evaluate progress.
2. With the freedom that level-free assessment brings it is important to utilise the flexibility that technology brings.
3. Schools should look at using competition based learning to push students through learning.
4. Games based learning is still a great way to assess students on progression.

More fun with Frog

It was super busy on our stand again. We gave away thousands of freebies and bags and made sure everyone who visited our stand left with a huge smile.

Super Widget was dishing out more of his super powers and the keepie uppie lads got everyone involved in their fun.

The VIP drinks reception at the Neighbourhood Bar was a real success, with those who attended getting a closer look at our new progress tracking tool FrogProgress.

With two days to go we’ve still got bags of energy, enthusiasm and lots of cool stuff to show you so make sure you pop down to D100.

See you soon.

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