#Bett2015 Day One (round-up)

It’s been a blistering start to BETT this year. Here are a few highlights if you couldn’t get the time out of school.

Nicky Morgan launches BETT

The Secretary of State for Education packed the BETT arena, with everybody whispering of a big announcement. Here are a few of her highlights:

1. The Government has spent much of the past five years laying the foundation for a good education system.
2. It’s important to provide evidence to parents and Ofsted to track every child’s progress .
3. British businesses are leading the world in the use of technology in the classroom.
4. The Government will be addressing the issue of poor broadband and wifi in schools – currently 65% of primary schools and 54% of secondary schools have wifi and connectivity issues.

FrogProgress launches at BETT

Today the BBC published research from the Liberal Policy Group, Centre Forum. It recommends that pupil’s academic progress, rather than pupil attainment, should be used by the Government to measure school’s performance. Today we also launched our new progress tracking tool FrogProgress.

At 11:00 our pioneering Managing Director Gareth Davies, opened the door on 18 month’s of hard work. A captivated audience saw the answer to life without levels in 2015.

Built using the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) Framework, FrogProgress allows you to map curriculum objectives to individual pupils, and track their progress throughout their learning journey.

Russell Hobby, the General Secretary of the NAHT, told the BBC: ‘You have to measure schools on progress if you want to incentivise the right behaviour’.

You can find out more about FrogProgress on our website, and keep an eye out on our blog over the next couple of days for a video of Gareth launching FrogProgress.

Frog fun at BETT

As usual our stand was buzzing throughout the day, with everyone wanting to see our awesome products and all the fun stuff.

Our Head of Superpowers made a grand appearance to the delight of many students. Queues of students (and teachers) lined up to grab a photo with him. He even had a scuffle with the Canvas panda!



For entertainment we had our keepie uppies footballers who pleased the crowds with their majestic ball skills. If you missed them they’ll be on our stand all week.

We’ve still got loads of bags and freebies left so don’t worry if you didn’t make it today. Get down to D100 tomorrow and join the fun.

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