Jackanory…tell us a story! #frogstory

Our schools are awesome and they’re always doing amazing things with their Frog products. In fact, it seems every time we chat with a school they tell us another story about how they’re making a difference using a Frog.

With so many conversations and so many stories, it’s hard for us to share them all with other Frog schools. We’re giving you the chance to tell us your stories, about the imaginative ways you are using any of our products to improve teaching and learning in your school. You might be using FrogLearn for flipped learning, or using FrogPlay to improve grades; whatever you’re doing, we want to hear about it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a Stephen King or even a JRR Tolkien, if you’ve done something using Frog in your school that makes you feel proud, tell us about it. In return every story will be worked on by our team of authors and showcased online for the whole world (and more importantly other Frog schools) to see.

As a little thank you, everyone who submits a story will be entered into our prize draw to win a Kindle Paperwhite.

For more information visit our community site here: http://frogcommunity.com/story

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