Get a students perspective at #Frog14

We’ve got the SAS coming to Frog 14 this year. Don’t worry though, this is not the regiment of the British army, instead it’s a group of students from Halifax High School who will be sharing their thoughts on the importance of technology in education.

SAS stands for ‘Subject Associated Student’. These subject specialists, along with a host of Frog Wardens, have very kindly shared with us their responsibilities in the school.

If you want to hear more from the SAS, and get a unique insight into what they think, then make sure you register Frog 14 today.

Afifah Ahmad – Creative Arts SAS & Frog Warden Moderator 

I’m a motivated and reliable student. My role is to keep an eye out for any problems on the site and around school. I really like my role. Recently I have been promoting Safer Internet Day and helping to design the new school website.

Aishaah Khan – Science SAS & Frog Warden

I am dedicated student of Halifax High. As a lead moderator I prevent cyber bullying and to make sure the website is being used safely.

Muslimah – English SAS & Frog Warden 

I can speak confidently in public in all my roles to make our school a better place.

Amirah Kosar Amer – Frog Warden

I take part in sharing latest news about FrogLearn in assembly and deliver speeches.

Zenab Zubair – Frog Warden

I am a confident and dedicated student which is really useful for my role because I’m a presenter.

Nimrah Ali – Frog Warden

I enjoy reporting for the Frog Wardens as it’s very challenging and brings out the best in me. It motivates me to do better and I enjoy it.

Zubayr Ahmed – ICT SAS & Frog Warden Designer

My Frog warden role is designing pages, help the faculty’s and students to make FrogLearn sites and keep them up to date.

Jamal Aslam – Humanities SAS & Frog Warden

I am a Frog Warden reporter and a Humanities SAS, my role as a Frog warden is to write about the most interesting things happening in school.

Muhammad Ali – Humanities SAS & Frog Warden

I am a designer. I enjoy doing my role because I am creative. I have overall responsibility for all the design team. I am responsible for keeping the VLE upto date, but most importantly making it effective.


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