If you can walk…you can glide

Watch out for Glide Bikes who’ll be making a very different kind of entrance at Frog 14. Not only will they be bringing along their cool Go Gliders’, just by visiting their stand you could be in with a chance of taking one home.

Glide Bikes are super light bikes with a lower centre of gravity and increased stability, making it an easier and safer way to learn to ride. The bikes are great for the traditional 2-5 year olds learning to ride a bike, they are a proven success to aid older children and even adults with balance or co-ordination challenges due to conditions such as Dyspraxia, Aspergers, Autism or mild Cerebral Palsy. These amazing balance bikes have no pedals, which means riders gradually learn how to master balance and then glide along with their feet off the ground.

RedGoGliderLFCtOut (2)

These specially designed bikes support development of motor skills, dexterity, spatial awareness or core strength, but gaining control of the bike has helped many children build their self-confidence and sense of achievement.

Make sure you visit Glide Bikes at Frog 14 to collect your FREE Raffle Ticket. The lucky winner of a cool Go Glider will be drawn at the end of day.

You can register for free to attend Frog 14 here.

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