#Frog14 – Keynote Speaker Announcement

With only 59 days until Frog 14 (not that we’re counting), we thought we’d let you in on a little secret and tell you who one of our keynote speakers will be along with other high profile educationalists such as Alistair Smith and Lord Sutherland.

This gentleman needs little introduction, he has been described as ‘an extremely gifted and inspirational teacher, with a love of the creative potential of technology and an excellent rapport with his pupils’.

He has travelled around the globe with his trusted companion Mr Walker, sharing best practice wherever he goes. He has been recognised for using computer games and web technology to inspire children’s creative confidence.

Can you guess who he is yet?  Yes?

Tim Rylands will be joining us this year at Frog 14, with over 25 years as a primary school teacher, and a keen eye for the future of education, he makes the perfect keynote speaker.

Register free to hear Tim Rylands speak, and be part of Frog 14 at The ICC. The date for your diary is Tuesday 24 June.

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2 Responses to #Frog14 – Keynote Speaker Announcement

  1. David Hillyard says:

    Tim is a real advocate of learning with mobile devices & tablets. It would be great to see him showcase using apps for the classroom (secondary too please) combined with Frog sites, FrogDrive and FrogSnap. The power of this combination could be great. I imagine having a Frog site with a wall, media etc. for a personalised delivery is right up his street.


  2. R Blaize says:

    Saw Tim recently at the Naace conference; his energy and enthusiasm for using technology in the classroom knows no bounds. A thoroughly entertaining and relevant speaker – I cannot recommend him highly enough.


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