Bye bye bear

Primary school pupils all over the UK wait patiently every week to find out if it’s their turn to take Widget the bear home. News today though has stated that this could all be coming to an end soon, as the fluffy friends are being made redundant.

As with most things it’s always the grown ups that seem to spoil the kids fun. Some parents are getting a tad too competitive when it comes to planning adventures for the bear. Regular activities consist of walks in the park, or family trips to the seaside, however some parents are going the extra (nautical) mile and taking the bear on yachting trips or to swanky VIP events.

TES editor Ann Mroz said reviews of postings in online forums suggested “parents find themselves nosing through the bear’s diary to see what it has been up to on previous weekends and they start to judge and compare.”

We feel a bit sorry for our Widget the bear because he hasn’t really been out recently, we could only find this one photo of him…




If you are missing the addition of a furry friend in your life and would like a widget the bear tweet us @frogtrade



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