There’s a Frog app for that!

The answer to many “How do I…?” questions these days seems to be “there’s an app for that!” Well, the boffins here at Frog have been working hard and have created our own apps to work alongside FrogLearn.

Introducing FrogDrive and FrogSnap. Gareth gave you a sneak peak of some very early prototypes at our Frog 13 conference (Gareth Davies’ Keynote Speech). In fact, they were such early prototypes that FrogSnap had the working title of FrogMoment. Both apps are now available to download in the Apple AppStore.


At home teachers often use DropBox as a place to share their files between their mobile devices and PC, but this isn’t appropriate for students, as it states in their terms and conditions DropBox require a user to be 13 or over.

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FrogDrive fulfils a similar purpose as DropBox. Firstly anything you have saved in you FrogDrive at home or a school computer is right there, you can organise them into folders or open them in any app of your choosing.


When you’ve created something amazing with your new favourite app and you want to save it or use it in an assignment, no problem. Just tap the ‘Open in…’ icon in the app and FrogDrive will be there.



Capture the brilliant thing students make or do in the real world, so you can record them or share them in the digital world, it’s that simple.


FrogSnap is an app that allows users to capture a moment and quickly save it back to FrogLearn.  This could be on an iPad in the classroom, or on an iPhone on school trip. The app is so quick and easy to use that you can capture those unmissable moments, that can so easily be missed.

This might be for use to evidence progress in a learning journal, to celebrate a child’s achievement with their parents or to capture the action at school sport fixture to be included in the school news blog.

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