Teacher Post – Simon Foster, The Radclyffe School

We recently caught up with Simon Foster from The Radclyffe School in Oldham, and he gave us some great ideas we thought we’d share with you all.

It was by pure chance that Simon Foster, VLE Manager at The Radclyffe School, spotted a video on YouTube made by The Halifax High School – but what he saw changed his plans immediately.

His mission was simple. He knew that if he could get everybody to see how easy it is to use FrogLearn, then the rest would take care of itself.

Excited by the impact Frog Wardens had at the Halifax High School he contacted them to find out more. “The team at Halifax High had done such a great job with their platform I had to get some of their secrets” he said.

A short time after speaking to them, he advertised and carefully selected 10 student Frog Wardens of his own to join him on his mission. By engaging and empowering students from the off, he was able to tap into a unique insight into what students would want from their learning platform.

The first thing they did was align their launch strategy with their school improvement plan, “After speaking to my consultant from Frog they helped me position FrogLearn right at the heart of our development plans.”

They chose the project ‘Have Your Say’ which is all about giving students the opportunity to speak up and have their voice heard.  They were able to comment on what they like and don’t like in school. “With the help of the Frog Wardens we created a Big Brother style diary room and recorded students leaving their thoughts – the videos are then posted to a dedicated site within FrogLearn.”

The results were instantaneous. Everyone in the school loves the videos and are using FrogLearn to share, discuss and comment on what’s being suggested. Simon said: “The best bit is that the students are having so much fun they don’t even know they’re learning.”

The next stage of development is to look at how they can take what they’ve learnt and apply it using FrogLearn to improve engagement in the classroom. We for one can’t wait to see their results.

If you’d like to speak to Simon about implementing a learning platform  we can put you in touch, email hello@frogtade.com.4

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