Learn Live Session – ‘Big Data’ with Alistair Smith and Billy Downie

Big data was arguably the hottest topic at Bett2014. Not only did it have an entire area dedicated to it throughout the show, but world renowned speaker Professor Stephen Heppell delivered a captivating session on it in the main arena. He outlined his ideas on how data should be owned by the student to improve the learning experience.

We also have our own vision on how big data will be used in schools over the next few years. We want to use big data to allow teachers to deliver a personal learning experience for every child, by giving them the right information at the exactly the right time.

By personalising the learning of every child through insightful and useful data, students are incentivised to take responsibility of their own learning. We will connect all our systems, and that of the biggest education providers, to ensure that this collection of big data will result in meaningful real time interventions for every learner.

We’re hope to show many of these components at next year’s Bett. For now though, Alistair Smith and Billy Downie, who hosted a Learn Live Session at this year’s Bett, share with you in more detail the difference big data has already made around the world in other industries, why it’s all about asking the right questions and show you the start of this being put into practice at the Streetly Academy.

Learn Live

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