B minus 5 days – Bett by numbers

Five days and counting! Things are getting very hectic at Frog Towers. It’s impossible to hear a sentence without the word Bett being mentioned.

It really is a whole company effort to get everything ready for Bett, developers are working every hour possible, along with our designers and the sales team…in fact, there isn’t a single part of the company that isn’t involved!

Below is a mini graphic that shows in words and pictures how busy we were last year. Please don’t judge us for the amount of chocolate we consumed, it’s hungry work being Frogs when we get to meet so many people on our stand.


Chris Murphy has the added responsibility of working alongside all of our partners. Chris is our Integrations Developer, and over the past weeks and months he has been busy working alongside a number of our partners to make sure your favourite applications are only a click away in FrogLearn. Come down to stand D100 to see for yourself how easy it is to use FrogLearn as the glue that links all your learning resources together.

If you haven’t done so already register today for Bett 2014.

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