If our technology is our brain…

…then education is the heart of everything we do. With 14 years’ hands on experience, we’re always trying to find new ways to make a difference to teaching and learning – and not just deliver a piece of technology.

To help us stay at the forefront of education, we have scoured the globe for the best education experts to join us in our journey for world domination!

Our new recruits will be helping shape the future direction of Frog, bringing with them first-hand experience of the challenges schools face on a daily basis.

We’ve put together this video to introduce you to some of the faces that go behind making Frog more than just a technology company.

We couldn’t fit everybody in this video, and there are couple of people who deserve a quick mention, as they’ll be out and about sharing the Frog education expertise with our schools:

  • Hylton Cornish, Head of Educational Services, was previously a former Assistant Head at Dartmouth High School. His knowledge and passion for learning will be focusing on offering specialist training courses including E-Safety and how to effectively use iPads in the classroom for schools.
  • Phil Timmins, Product Specialist, was a primary school teacher for 8 years, and former Frog customer. Phil will be working closely with as many schools as possible to ensure our products are delivering the teaching and learning benefits schools need.

So next time you’re in a bit of a pickle and need some help, give us a call.

About Frog

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