GUEST POST: Turnitin – working with Frog

We at Turnitin are really looking forward to attending Frog 13 on 18 June. We’re presenting a workshop but will also be around to chat and get to know as many of you as possible!

Our workshop will illustrate the benefits of how the Turnitin software can be used in order to check student submissions for matching sources or incorrect citation.

It’s also an opportunity to see how we offer much more than plagiarism detection since we are also a complete E assessment tool; for tracking submissions and marking student papers.

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Plagiarism is a growing concern for many schools across the UK. In this digital age, information is so easily available online and students can often end up copying or not citing sources correctly without realising they are doing wrong.

With more than 98% of universities in the UK now using Turnitin, this workshop is an excellent way of not only helping your students now but to prepare them in protecting their academic integrity in the future.

Make sure you come over to our stand and say hello!

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