GUEST POST: Planet eStream

Planet eStream is a complete end to end content management and distribution system, enabling organisations to create their own central video archive and delivery platform.

Planet eStream has a very strong and long standing user base in the UK educational sector, and has served the video archiving and streaming needs of hundreds of schools, colleges and universities since it was launched in 2006.

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We are committed to constant ongoing development of Planet eStream, and monitor trends in educational and commercial requirements for video delivery, along with emerging technologies to ensure that we continue to deliver a cutting edge product.

Client feedback is a key element in our development priorities, we listen, we evaluate and we implement to ensure that we deliver a superior experience for our existing and potential clients.

We work closely with manufacturers of brand leading VLE and Library Management Solutions to ensure seamless integration to provide a great workflow, access and upload experience for our users.

At Frog 13 we are excited to announce the new Frog plugin for Planet eStream, which will enable mutual clients to search their Planet eStream archive and view and embed digital content directly from FrogOS. We will also be demonstrating exiting new functionality within Planet eStream, including multi-zone digital signage and mobile acquisition, using free apps available from the Android play store and the Apple store, and full live HD streaming and archiving which is included in the system as standard.

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