FrogOS to be used on world’s first 4G Chromebook

Now everyone in Malaysia will be able to access Frog anywhere, anytime, using the world’s first 4G Chromebook produced by Samsung and launched by YTL YES.

The Samsung 4G Chromebook has been developed by Google and Samsung to get the most out of one of the most sophisticated 4G networks in the world.  YTL Communications CEO, Wing K. Lee, says “This will be a first device for many people.  It is affordable secure and always connected to the internet. No one will be left out of the internet age.”

In his speech at the launch of the 4G Chromebook, Dr Francis Yeoh, Executive Chairman of YTL Communications, said “In this programme, we are enabling all 10,000 Malaysian Schools – and thus their extended local communities – in Malaysia with high-speed 4G internet connectivity and an award winning Frog VLE cloud teaching and learning platform.” He then stated how the FrogStore will give access to online learning content from local and global partners, as well as allowing teachers to share Frog Sites they have created with schools around the nation.

YES only began their amazing journey in 2010, with an aim to bring affordable, world-class internet services that improve the lives of people across Malaysia. The vision was to bridge the digital divide and ensure that everyone in Malaysia would be able to access the knowledge and opportunities available on the cloud. A year later in 2011, they approached Frog to help them achieve this goal, and now FrogOS is heavily involved in this nationwide transformation.

The Samsung 4G Chromebook will be available in Malaysia through the FrogStore. If you want to see more of the software being used in Malaysian schools then make sure you attend Frog13 on Tuesday June 18. You can register your place here.

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