#frogchat – what do you want to see at #frog13

Get excited everybody – planning has started and we’re coming up with ideas for the best technology show of the year…#frog13.

This year we’ve got some extra special treats planned, but we can’t say too much at this stage. What we can tell you though is that we’re looking at several different formats for the workshops, so that you leave with a smile on your face and tons of knowledge in your brain.

While we’re at the stage where any idea is a good idea, we’re holding a #frogchat session on Twitter next week to get your input and see what you want.

Maybe you’re looking for ways to use technology to save money or you want some advice on how to implement a BYOD scheme. It could be that you’re looking to improve your Ofsted score and want to know how technology can help you do that – whatever is hot in your school let us know and we’ll do our very best to make sure your topic gets a slot.

We’ve already got plenty of speakers lined up and we can guarantee that this year’s conference is really going to shake up how much you can actually learn in a day.

Obviously there will be plenty of opportunity for you to find out more about our new product FrogOS, but we also want to make sure that teaching and learning and whole school improvement are at the heart of the day.

You can join us on Twitter and have your say on Friday 22 March between 15:30-16:00, just remember to include #frogchat within your tweet.

For now though, check out what visitors thought of last year’s conference.

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