VIDEO FrogOS coming soon! Training the trainers

The anticipation for the launch of FrogOS is hitting fever pitch.

We can sense the patient Frog fans, new and old, waiting for news of the full release.

So what are we all up to at Frog towers to ensure that this new technology is delivered successfully and fully supported from day one?

Clare Mabey, a Frog consultant, explains how she is helping to train a new wave of Frog staff to educate you on your initial journey with FrogOS.

Training the trainers:

Watch the video below, and you will learn about the training packages we are putting in place.

These will provide you with access to webinars and one to one training.

Each session will help to explain the technology, with any personal questions also answered.

Why not book a demo of FrogOS today HERE.

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2 Responses to VIDEO FrogOS coming soon! Training the trainers

  1. Is Frog OS coming out automatically to all current users – or should I have done something to get included in the launch ?


    • frogtrade says:

      Hi. FrogOS will be available for all current Frog customers, and will not be switched on automatically. If you are an existing customer stay tuned to the community site for our upcoming roadshows. These will explain everything you need to know about the release of FrogOS as well as our blog and website. Hope that helps?


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