Free e-learning assessment tool available now!

With the release date of the anticipated FrogOS growing ever closer, we wanted to let our readers know about a great tool we have developed that will help you assess where you currently stand with your schools e-learning.

E-learning assessment tool

The assessment tool has been designed to help you get more from the technology you use in your school. Just by rating a few statements you’ll be able to identify the areas you’re excelling in and those where you may need a bit of help.

Once you’ve reviewed your results we’ll give you loads of ideas you can take away and implement in your school the very same day – you don’t even have to be using Frog to use them.

Click on the image below to take your test.

E-Learning Assessment Tool

E-Learning Assessment Tool

If you know of any school that might find this useful please feel free to share the link or send them to the our website.

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3 Responses to Free e-learning assessment tool available now!

  1. This is all good but I’d rather see you developing this for teachers to customise for use with their classes as some fancy self-assessment tool that provides feedback to the learner. Maybe you could take the time to populate templates for each of the core subjects based on NC skills?


    • frogtrade says:

      Hi Dai, thank you for your comment. This kind of functionality is something that will be part of FrogOS. Peer to peer assessment and self assessment will feature as a part of the new release later this year and something we are keen to promote.


  2. Phil says:

    Dai, the assessment tool is amazing! Had an opportunity to see it in action and it is so simple and useful. Can’t wait to have a play for real!


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