Raise your A-C grades and get £1,000 off!

There’s still time to get that extra 10% out of your students before their exams using games based learning and revision, and to put the icing on the cake, if you’re a Frog school (old or new) and you purchase I am Learning we’ll give you a £1,000 discount!

I am learning Games Based Revision  Assessment  Homework Setting and Exam Practice

With over half a million users throughout the UK, I am Learning offer games based revision that helps to increase pupil engagement, and promote independent learning.

Some great statistics prove that I am Learning is well worth a look at your school or academy:

  • 96% of teachers agree that I am Learning is an enjoyable way to learn.
  • 87% of teachers agree that I am Learning is an effective way to learn.
  • 85% of teachers rate I am Learning as better than any other online revision system.
  • 84% of teachers indicate that I am Learning provides valuable information on students performance.
  • 13.5% improvement in results when learners regularly use I am Learning eg: at least one hour per week (or 52 hours per year).

Here are some testimonials from schools who already use I am Learning:

“We have found that I am Learning has reduced the workload of teachers and has increased the engagement of our students. The data provided to teachers also helps our staff to identify gaps in understanding and to address these. We are certain that I am Learning has had a positive impact on the attainment of our students.”

Phil Spoors, Assistant Headteacher, Cramlington Learning Village, Northumberland.

“The impact of I am Learning has been massive – we’ve never had so many students working at home either on revision or homework.”

Lucy Cooper, Assistant Head, Newbold Community School, Derbyshire.

This is a great website that engages students through the use of games. The activities are linked to subjects and key stages. Activities can be set for homework. Find out how to create your own content and how your classes are progressing.

Neil Oldbury, Head of ICT, The Elizabethan Academy Nottingham

For more information on I am Learning please visit their website HERE .

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