Did you get the Bett buzz? If you didn’t then it’s not too late…

We had a Bett-er time than ever this year. The stand was bursting full of visitors even when it was supposed to be quiet! If you didn’t get to attend here’s a roundup of some of our best bits…

ICT Company of the Year

Yep, that’s right, we finally won out our first ever Bett award for ICT company of the year!

Bett Awards 2013 Winners

Frog – ICT Company of the Year  (Over £3m turnover) 2013


We launched our brand new product FrogOS at Bett and those who visited the stand got a first chance to get a demonstration.  It was amazing to see so many smiling faces and get such a positive reaction from everyone who saw it. If you haven’t heard or seen FrogOS (where have you been!) you can take a peak in the video below or by visiting our website.

Froggy fun

From ‘double dream hands’ to the Frog quartet, this year everybody got a piece of the much anticipated Froggy fun. Check out the quartet below – if you know the words then why not have a good sing along.


Every Bett we try and give you another Frog collectible and this year was no different. The Frog Stress Hoppers were bouncing off the stand faster than we could unpack them. Here is a list of the giveaways we got through in just four days.

  • 12,000 FrogOS brochures
  • 10,000 Stress hoppers
  • 9485 Frog bags (7885 Secondary bags, 1600 primary bags)
  • 8595 button badges
  • 1265 mugs

So where did your Frog Stress Hopper get to?

Frog Stress Toys

Frog Stress Hoppers ready for action

We found them in a whole load of interesting places at Bett…what about you?

Go to our Facebook page HERE and send us your stress toy images, the funniest picture will win a giant Frog stress hopper.

About Frog

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