See what you can win (and play) at Bett 2013

Bett would not be complete without some fantastic Frog freebies, fun competitions and games to keep you amused.

So, without further ado, here are some of the great games that you can get involved with this year, and if you play your cards (or Jigsaws) right, you may just win big!

1 – Win a Google Nexus 7 – Simply collect all the jigsaw pieces from the Frog stand and our partner stands to complete your Frog jigsaw. If you come back to our stand with the completed jigsaw you’ll be entered to win a fantastic Google Nexus 7 tablet.

2 – Win an Apple iPad – Maybe you prefer the Apple variety of tablet? If so, simply book a demo to be placed into a prize draw to win one.

3 – Frog goodie bags – We’re giving these away to everyone who visits our stand and shows some Froggy love.

4 – Frogger – Were you born before 1980? If so, you may remember the classic Frogger video game. In keeping with the stand, we’ll have screens that you can play this classic Froggy inspired game on, just in case you feel all nostalgic!

5 – General prizes – Anyone who takes a photo of the various Frog heads around Bett 2013 and tweets their picture with the hashtag #frogbett will be eligible for a free prize.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun things to get you all involved, and we would like to think that most of you will be able to leave with at least a little bit of Frog in your pockets!

We’ve also got a couple of really cool giveaways that we’re keeping quiet about for now…but you’ll have to visit our stand to find out what these are – see you next week!

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One Response to See what you can win (and play) at Bett 2013

  1. andyprecious says:

    Seeing as though we’re sharing stand D100 with our froggy friends, I thought I’d join in the fun! We’re running a competition to win an iPad mini on a giant iPad… And yes, we get the irony. All you need to do to win is top our leader-board by playing one of our all-time favourite games, Whack a Monkey.

    You can have as many attempts as you like – but trust us, it is incredibly addictive… so no taking-over! There will be a long line of opponents, hot on your heels.


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