S-no-w school today…not if you’ve got Frog!

With another blanket of snow hitting most of the UK today, it’s likely there will be a number of schools expecting to close early. Most students will probably be overjoyed as they get to carry out ‘Call of Duty’ style fights with snowballs in the place of lessons. However, if the freeze carries into next week and closes schools for a further couple of days, do students have to miss out on lessons?

Frog gives schools the option to stay ‘open’ in situations like this. Students can log into Frog at home and access all their lessons, while teachers can communicate with them instantly via the platform.

Hillview School for Girls in Kent did something similar to this (without the snow), when it asked all of its students to work from home using Frog. The school called this a ‘Frog Day’ and used it to engage the whole school community.  “Although we had made good progress with our use of Frog, we felt we needed to reach out to all members of the school community to show them Frog’s capabilities, so we came up with Frog Day.” Explained Hillview’s director of ICT, David Whitehouse. If you want to find out more about how Hillview got on download the full case study HERE.

Hillview planned the ‘Frog Day’ well in advance; however any school that has Frog could have a contingency plan like this for snow days. And if you have I am Learning too, teachers can use Frog to effortlessly create self-marking homework, so even they can revel in the snow!

Let us know in the comments if any of you have similar plans to Hillview.

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One Response to S-no-w school today…not if you’ve got Frog!

  1. andyprecious says:

    I think it’s great how technolgies like this are transforming the way schools can adapt and respond to challenges…

    If you do have I am learning, here’s a few tips how I am learning can help snow-bound schools:

    – Set customised tasks to create a tailored program of study for learners to complete at home. These can be set in advance or instantly.
    – Real-time reports prove learners have been given access to study. You can see who has completed their work (or not!).
    – Send leaners a message through I am learning to prompt them through their program of study outside of school.

    We can supplement your contingency plan to ensure your pupils have comprehensive access to study, even if mother nature tries to dictate otherwise!

    If you want any more information, feel free to get in touch at: hello@iamlearning.co.uk, or give us a call on 01302 859829.


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