Cool Frog Windows 8 app – play with it at Bett 2013

Do you want to access FrogOS through Windows 8 – no problems!.

Here at Frog we’ve got a number of really exciting developments we’re keeping tight lipped about until Bett2013. One of these that we know you’ll love (and we thought we’d share now), is our new Windows 8 app for FrogOS.

My Frog – Windows 8 app:

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system has been an obvious fit for our new technology as their new store allows apps built in HTML5, which are non device centric, just like FrogOS and perfect for mobile and tablet devices.

With this in mind, we’ve been working closely with Microsoft to develop a really useful and totally free app that means you can access FrogOS without the need to open a browser, right from within Windows 8.

As you can see it looks and works really great!

Here are a list of features that will be available within the first version.

  • Live tile updates
  • FrogOS notification feed
  • View your assignments with status updates
  • View and upload files to your resources folder
  • Capture images with the device camera then upload directly to FrogOS
  • One-click access directly to FrogOS
  • Updates from any third party FrogOS integrated application
  • Demo mode for trial purposes

So come along to stand D100 at Bett 2013 and give it a whirl!

Find out more about Frog at Bett page on our website.

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