Win a Google Nexus 7! – Bett 2013

The deliveries are starting to roll in for what promises to be an amazing Frog stand at Bett 2013 (D100).

One of the cool giveaways that has just arrived is our jigsaw game that visitors can play. What’s even better is, if you win, you’ll receive a free Google Nexus tablet.

bett 2013, nexus 7

Bett 2013

It’s all about the partners:

To highlight our growing integration with other educational technology providers we decided to create a little fun and offer a chance to win a cool prize while you’re at Bett 2013.

How to play:

It’s really easy to play, start by collecting your first piece of the jigsaw at either the Frog stand at D100 or any of our partners, then just work your way around the other eight stands to collect the remaining pieces.

Once you have collected them all, simply come back to the Frog stand with your completed jigsaw, and we will enter you into our prize draw for the Nexus tablet PC (plus you’ll get an exclusive Frog goodie).

Some tips and help:

Nelson Thornes – B242

MLS Partners – F230

EXA Networks – B41 – D300

Vivo Miles – C354

Classroom Monitor – B210

Planet Sherston – F310

I am Learning – D100 (hint – the same stand as us so it’s a 2 for 1 deal)

So enjoy the game and good luck!

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